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Planning a Home Wine Cellar


Ever dream of converting a closet or alcove under the stairs into a wine room in your home?

Wine Storage Capacity: 277 Bottles

file_002 Questions to consider in planning your wine cellar:

  • How many bottles of wine do you anticipate storing? (Most people under estimate this number).
  • Do you want to store champagne/sparkling wines?
  • Do you purchase large format bottles (magnums or perhaps even larger)?
  • Is this cellar for personal consumption wine, or is it for investment wine storage purposes?
  • What type of cooling system will work best for your cellar? Will it be a passive cellar or a climate controlled cellar?
  • Do you want decorative display areas?
  • Do you want any case storage?
  • Humidor storage?

The photos above are from a recent project I designed for a wine cellar in a model home in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. The room is temperature controlled by a split cooling system that keeps the room permanently and evenly cooled at 55° F all year long. This room has a sealed gasket single lite clear door to view the wine room but other door options can be considered as shown below in previous jobs we’ve completed. There is much to be considered when planning for your conversion. The conversion for an existing closet requires taking the drywall down to the studs and properly insulating the room with closed cell insulation and moisture barrier protection.

Additionally, other materials need to be considered when planning a wine cellar. What type of floor is used, the lighting, vintage racking, metal, redwood, mahogany, alder wood racking. The options available are many! I love Vintage wood floors made from reclaimed staves from the actual wine barrel staves. So unique; so much character.

Vintage Barrel Staves for counter surface

LED accent lighting to display the racking system, a pretty wall sconce or chandelier, perhaps wine staves on the wall, or a beautiful mosaic tile?    The entrance to the wine room, if large enough, perhaps a stunning wrought iron door?    The possibilities are endless.


If you are located in Orange County, CA, our team at Roomscapes will walk you through all of the options available for your custom wine cellar. Please contact us at 949.448.9627