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The One That Won Me Over

Blanco introduced the ONE – the most recent addition to Blanco’s stainless steel collection offering a fresh approach to single bowl sinks. The Blanco One XL single bowl shape offers convenience for the things we need at the sink. This is a work horse sink allowing for many function that happen at the

sink. A magnetic, removable sponge holder allows for convenient access to hold sponges or long-handled scrubbie brushes. There is a thoughtfully designed two level stainless steel grid bottom to allow for prepping, stacking and cleaning. It is like you have two sinks! Resting delicate lettuce leaves in a colander is not a problem in this single bowl because Blanco designed the bowl with with an elevated grid so your food prep area can share space in the bowl on a higher tier and away from dirty mixing bowl you just used to mix a sauce. Mise en place removable containers to customize your foodie habits for having your cutting board, knives & cooking utensils where you need them while prepping.   The single bowl sink you can customize. There are five kits to work with your needs. For more information visit