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What she said…

I just read a post from the great Saxon Henry about her experience visiting American Standard. So eloquent and witty, she said exactly what I felt and thought about our recent tour of American Standard’s Design Center, but the difference is she has the writers knack and I do not. I will sum it up ever so clumsy by nodding my head and agreeing, “Yup, what she said.”

So without further ado, let me  point you to Saxon Henry’s post.


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Lumiere Circolare Floral

Yesterday I asked if you 
could guess what this was in this photo.
If you guessed a rain head, you get a gold star. 

The Lumiere Circolare Rain Canopy by Jaclo is composed of a patterned semi-transparent cover that is available in several different designs and colors for a range of options that effortlessly meld into their setting.

Actually this is an interesting idea of adding light through the rain head fixture. Very clever. More patterns can by found at

Lumiere Circolare Floral


  • 12″ Diameter Rain Canopy with 228 Easy clean, replaceable, rubber jets for full rain effect
  • 12″ drop from ceiling
  • ½” male IPS inlet connection at ceiling
  • Lit internally by LED lights
  • Floral pattern available in:
  • Black: (12R-LF-101)
  • Silver: (12R-LF-102)

Prices start at $4,500. 

The second item featured in the top photo is JACLO’s Dream Light Rain Canopy. It enables you to experience revitalizing color while fulfilling a daily ritual. The futuristic design of this lit Rain Canopy features LED lights, which illuminate the falling water. The lights can be programmed to turn on manually with the flip of a switch or they can start automatically whenever the shower is turned on. Featuring a full rain spray, the canopy can be customized with fixed colored lights in white, blue, amber, red, green or warm white. 

FACTS: 16″ x 20″ Rettango dream light rain canopy


  • 16″x20″ rectangular rain canopy with 149 easy clean replaceable rubber jets for full rain spray effect
  • Brass construction with surface or flush mount to ceiling. ½” male IPS inlet connection at ceiling
  • 12 low voltage, direct current LED lights with 110V AC input voltage (transformer included)
  • Single color, fixed lighting comes on when water comes on
  • LED lights available in:
  • White (standard) (-013)
  • Blue (-015)
  • Amber (-016)
  • Red (-017)
  • Green (-018) 

Prices Start at $8,900
* CE approved

Now why can’t hotel rooms install these features in the guest rooms? 
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More Shower Power

Think “going green” always means sacrificing comfort? Think again. JACLO’s exclusive line of low-flow showerheads and handshowers save water and energy without compromising performance. Their secret? An innovative low-flow regulator, as opposed to restrictors, that keeps the pressure and flow of the water strong. The technology lowers the average rate of gallons-per-minute from 2.5 down to an impressive 1.75 – nothing to sneeze at when you consider the average household uses over 22,000 gallons of water per year in showers.

And if you don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for ecology, JACLO’s low-flow technology is available in over 30 showerhead and handshower models in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. The regulator also works with all available shower sprays and strengths – full rain, massage, full rain massage, Nebulizing mist®, and Nebulizing mist full rain. Turns out less really is more.

JACLO®, an industry leader since 1961, is the leading manufacturer of decorative plumbing products and advanced shower solutions. They continue to inundate the market with highly-stylized shower systems, faucets and decorative accessories that marry steadfast durability with seamless style. Available at over 2,500 dealers nationwide, JACLO’s products create luxurious fully-coordinated bath suites that exude the finishing touch. Implemented in numerous high-end hotels and residences across the country, their product lines provide a superior experience that enhances daily rituals and defines elegant living. Given their wide range of product and dedication to detail, the company is well-equipped to meet the needs and growing demands of its customers with unparalleled efficiency.
Visit JACLO on the web at