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Miele vs. GE Monogram Dishwashers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Source: Miele vs. GE Monogram Dishwashers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Yale Appliances Blog comes out with great up-to-date comparisons on the latest appliance brands. I highly recommend you read their comprehensive reviews if you’re considering purchasing a new dishwasher.

Eight Quick FAQ’s when considering a new dishwasher: 

  1. Package deals with a suite of appliances will net a better price, check out the rebates.
  2. Don’t over buy features you may never use, most people use only one or two settings and forget to use the others.
  3. Decibels (42-44db or less) are rated as the quietest, quiet dishwashers are a nice feature.
  4. Fully integrated panels are sleeker (controls on the top not on the face) versus less expensive controls on the face
  5. Tubs: Plastic (less expensive) v Stainless steel tubs (stain & odor resistant)
  6. Racks: look for convenience features like adjustable top rack and adjustable tines for accommodating bulky pots and pans.
  7. Additional Flatware rack is an added convenience with some brands.
  8. Flush panel and panel ready: do you want your dishwasher to be indistinguishable from the cabinet next to it? A flush panel (or fully integrated) design allows for a cabinet panel to sit in line with adjacent cabinets. (A single matching cabinet panel the full height of the dishwasher is ordered through your cabinet supplier. You can also design it with a false drawer front and door to make it look truly indistinguishable from your cabinet next to it). Panel ready doesn’t necessarily means it’s flush. Most American brands stick out 2″ beyond the adjacent cabinets. And some brands have the controls on the face so the panel is applied below the face, a little old fashion in my opinion.

I’d love to hear what you think. Tell me about your favorite dishwasher you’ve purchased in the comments below. What is your favorite feature in a dishwasher?