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3 Home Improvements That Pay Off Big Time (and One That Doesn’t)

Would you be surprised to know that one particular type of bathroom remodel, a bathroom addition, actually reaps 56.2%, the worst return on investment? 
That is according to Remodeling magazine’s 2016 Cost vs. Value Report. If you are planning on selling your house in the next few months, plan on improvements where you’ll recoup an average of 64% of what you paid for a renovation. For the full article at, click the link: 10 Home Renovations That Offer the Best (and Worst) Return on Investment

Best way to get your house ready for sale: 

  1. Make it ship shape with all repairs taken care of. Call in a home inspector in advance of putting your home on the market for a thorough report of what needs to be done. 
  2. Depersonalize and declutter. Rent a storage locker to rid all extraneous clutter taking up space in the closets, bedrooms and garage. 
  3. Focus on curb appeal. Manicure your front, side and back yard. 
  4. Call in a home stager. Set aside pride. Surround yourself with advisors who’s business it is to get your home sold fast. 

If you’re ready to buy a home and thinking of ripping out and redoing it but not sure how much it’s going to cost to update the master bath, kitchen or other home-improvement project, call in a trusted design/build remodeling contractor before you put in an offer. If you’re moving from another state into California, many homeowners are faced with sticker shock at how much it costs to remodel in comparison to their home state. Knowing how much it costs to get that dream kitchen or bath, not just financially, there is also the burden of time and disruption to your families daily life that may make it more appealing to find a home that’s move-in ready.