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Live from KBIS, through Tweets!

Brizo Panel Discussion, Form that Functions
Left to right: Janice Costa, Jason Wu, Judd Lord, Cheryl Kees Clendenon

<<<<Streaming news from KBIS via Twitter>>>>  

Here are highlights from the Brizo Panel Discusion held at KBIS 4/17/10, Chicago. Read what’s trending: 
Photo brought to you by Andie Day from Twit Pic, Brizo Panel

@InDetailSays,@brizofaucet, #kbis2010,, Brizo RSVP faucet. Judd sees trend toward less visual clutter and #JasonWu agrees

@InDetailSays,@brizofaucet, #kbis2010,, #jasonWu finds that fashion is iinforming many industries including #k&b industry through color, texture & especially technology !


RT @brizo#Jason Wu on success: design philosophy is qual. vs quantity; creates things relevant for the next 20 years. #KBIS panel


RT @saintpetepaul RT @brizo #JasonWu: “Color and texture – that’s all we do in so many ways.” Sees more mixing than streamlining. #KBIS


Not surprising: #Blogger19 rocks! RT @saintpetepaul: @Modenus: @InDetailSays is bringing down the house at Brizo panel discussion.


RT @brizo#Jason Wu on success: design philosophy is qual. vs quantity; creates things relevant for the next 20 years. #KBIS panel


RT @AndieDay: @InDetailSays,@brizofaucet, Panel agrees that multigen design is relevant -sandwich gen may have adult child & parent home


RT @KitchAnn_Style: {Judd Lord} “There’s a trend for less visual clutter” in product design and home decor#KBIS #BRIZO


@cabinetgal1 @Kitchen_Sync Judd tweeting: Yes, in direct response to it. We are inundated with tech. We want to strip it away. #KBIS panel


RT @brizo: @indetailsays Many clients in her area want to be green but don’t want to bear the expense. #KBIS panel


RT @DebbieSchaeffer: Fabulous time at KBIS! It all started with keynote speaker Sergio Zyman focus on Scientific Marketing. Lots of…


RT @brizo: Jason Wu: fashion and home not two different worlds; designers have a lot in common. #KBIS panel


*grin* RT @brizo: @indetailsays Aging in place can be a touchy subject. Sometimes you phrase it as a recommendation and do it. #KBIS panel



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