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Blogging By Candlelight

Saturday night we had a power outage. Edison says approximately 65 houses were affected and they have no estimation as to when the power will be restored. This is none too comforting to hear and I just hope the Edison crew is out there tonight working on getting us back on the grid. The first mistake I made was not checking my batteries in my flashlight in my bedroom during the last daylight savings time change. The second mistake I made was leaving my other flashlight, batteries and supplies downstairs in the laundry room. The house was pitch black and I had to make my way down a dark staircase to feel my way to the emergency supplies. Fortunately, I had my trusty Blackberry phone give off a small glow of light to light the way. As I write this post by candlelight, (1 hour- 37 minutes remaining on my laptop), stranded in the dark, no phone, no lights, a few bent candles and way too many scented votive candles, it reminds me that we can never be too prepared for a natural disaster. 

Fast forward to Sunday morning, power still out till 10am. Life changes dramatically without electricity and coffee to start the day. So my next task this morning is to make sure we are better prepared. Be sure to re-check your emergency supplies seasonally. My emergency candles melted in the last heat wave. Another of my tasks this morning is learning the best way to lift candle wax off of fabric and wood furniture. Any suggestions?

Preparing for Power Outages

American Red Cross: Prepare your Home & Family



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