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Faucet Friday Follow Up

It’s been a week since we installed the new Delta Pilar Touch 20 faucet and so far so good. But, as with any remodeling effort, the domino effect ensued. The new faucet required new angle stops. Then suddenly our garbage disposal decided it had enough and quit without notice. The nerve! We replaced it mid week. The consensus in our household: we all love this new faucet. 

Comments from the Peanut Gallery: Here is what we think of a few parts and what would make it better: The button cap that covers the set screw on the back of the faucet is not flexible and wont stay in. We tried to get it to fit over the screw but it popped out. It broke. We then tried the chrome one, (two came in the package depending if you ordered chrome or stainless), but that one popped out too. It’s a real hassle. Since we don’t see this little button cap part because it’s on the back side of the faucet, we are not going to sweat over it.

The plastic battery pack (4 C size batteries) came with stick-em tape to attach to the inside of the cabinet. Well, the batteries are heavy and over time that stick-em tape will not hold the battery pack in place. We think screws to attach the battery pack to the inside of the cabinet would be more helpful.

A design feature we noticed could be problematic for the elderly, forgetful or for kids…the faucet rotates all the way back. Right away we worried Mom would swing it out of her way and forget to swing it back, turning the water on and flooding the counter top behind sink. We have forewarned her not to swing it that far back. 

Oh, also the video has an older model, some of the parts were different than we saw in our faucet box, we were worried we were missing parts.

On the box, it does not mention new 3/8 angle stops are required. That would have been helpful to have printed on the outside of the box to remind us, (eh-hem) plumbing novices, while we are still at the big box store, to be forewarned to get new angle stops before we (I mean they) leave.

The hose is not as long as I thought it would be. I need another foot to be really practical and reach the plants behind the sink or to fill a heavy stock pot on the counter. My mom has arthritis and lifting a heavy pot up and out of the sink is a problem. But the braided hose is very durable. The retraction for the Magnatite spray head is really good. A simple push and it finds it’s home snugly.  

If you are not a plumber and installing a new faucet, be sure to read ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS to the letter. For example, the instructions warned not to over tighten. Tighter is not better. We g-e-n-t-l-y tightened and of course we wound up with a gentle leak the next day. So we gently tightened again. No leaks so far. All is good.  Also, plumbers tape is not necessary on the threads. Learning curve aside, we are happy we have our new Delta Faucet.

Pilar Touch-Activated Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with ToucH2O® including Soap Dispenser



Laurie Burke, connected to the design and construction industry since 1996. A seasoned residential kitchen and bath design specialist , Laurie has designed thousands of kitchens & baths as well as other cabinetry projects requiring technical precision in design drafting utilizing state of the art 2020 software for creating accurate plans and elevations. Through on- going product knowledge training and a desire to always stay current with an evolving marketplace, Laurie Burke maintains a strong command of knowing the appropriate Fit & Finish materials required for a residential remodel to meet the budget, the timeline of a project and a client's need for a finished product that meets their satisfaction. Kitchen Designer by trade, foodie, techie, weekend traveler for fun. For more information contact me at

2 thoughts on “Faucet Friday Follow Up

  1. The Pilar is my new go-to faucet and I've specified no fewer than six of them in the last six months. I'm so enamored I bought one myself and it will be here tomorrow. Woo-hoo!


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