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Z-Wave Brings Green Home Solutions to Fry’s, Marking the First Retailer Nationwide to Offer Affordable Energy Saving for the Whole Home

Have you ever left the house and can’t remember if you turned your heater, a/c, coffee maker, or iron off? Z-Wave wireless technology gives consumers the ability to wirelessly turn lights on/off, control appliances, and even adjust the thermostat- all with just the click of a button. With Z-Wave, you can perfectly tailor your household energy consumption for maximum efficiency or preference, anytime, from anywhere.

Fremont, Calif. –November 11, 2008 – The long wait for mass-market wireless home control solutions in retail stores is finally over. Today marks the availability of Z-Wave-based home management solutions in Fry’s stores across the nation. Stores are located across nine states including California, Texas, Arizona, George, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

“This is a huge day for Z-Wave and the reality of affordable wireless home control,” noted Yan Rodriguez, Director, Home Networking and Access with Wayne-Dalton, one of the members of the Z-Wave Alliance participating in the offering. “Our offerings at Fry’s will provide consumers with easy to install wireless products that can solve real challenges for today’s busy homeowner including energy conservation, enhanced safety and security, monitoring elderly relatives and remote home management from a PC or cell phone, to name a few.”

The Z-Wave display will exclusively feature products from three Z-Wave Alliance members – Wayne-Dalton, Hawking Technologies and GE – with the goal of providing consumers with a one-stop shopping resource for Z-Wave-enabled home automation and control solutions.

Z-Wave is the first technology to bring affordable, reliable and easy to deploy wireless home control to every aspect of daily life – the home environment, consumer electronics, and energy management – to create a truly “connected home.” With energy bills rising, home control technologies such as Z-Wave are becoming a cornerstone of home energy conservation and management. Using a wide range of sensors and controllers available to the homeowner, Z-Wave can precisely tailor a home’s energy usage by the device, by the room or by the whole house.

“We have noticed that retailers are increasingly looking to satisfy consumer demand for products enabling a green lifestyle,” said Raoul Wijgergangs, chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance. “Fry’s is one of the first retailers in the nation to offer a section completely devoted to energy-efficient home control products that fit into almost any consumer’s budget or lifestyle. We’re thrilled that consumers are proactively creating green homes, and we are proud to provide products that make that transformation possible.”

The Z-Wave home display at Fry’s will include the following products, which will allow consumers to quickly and easily create a solution set tailored to their needs:

  • Wayne-Dalton Gateway Module (central hub), Garage Door Conversion Module, Thermostat and usb and remote control units
  • GE Lamp Modules and Appliance Modules and remote controls
  • Hawking Motion Detector, Magnetic Door Sensor, Remote Pro Gateway, Night Vision Camera and Wireless Camera

To find a Fry’s store near you, please visit

For more information visit Z-Wave



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