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Appliance Notes: Regressing With Stainless Steel

Appliance Notes: Regressing With Stainless Steel

Peggy Deras has spotlighted, (thanks Peggy), my interview with Kieth Wolf, BlueStar’s Vice President of Marketing.

I am in agreement with Peggy about the downside of stainless steel maintenance. It is a nightmare of a chore to keep stainless sinks, ranges, refrigerators looking brilliant and spot free.

Stainless steel has a cache of it’s own, but be prepared to pamper your stainless to keep it looking fresh. Check in with Kitchen Appliance Notes for articles on the good the bad and the ugly of stainless steel.

I am pleased to see the resurgence of color in appliances. Color doesn’t mean brilliant red. You can select subdued colors. They are so much easier to maintain. And after all, who wants to be a slave to maintenance.



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2 thoughts on “Appliance Notes: Regressing With Stainless Steel

  1. Stainless despite the maintenance is still a great material. It has a grain to it and eventually will scratch and patina all on its own. Remember it’s as much a living finish as brass or bronze. I agree it’s still a pain to keep clean…keep lots of polish on hand. We have found that every customer ends up with thier own favorite cleaning product so it’s hard to recommend one. I can not wait to see some more color come back…I love white!


  2. I love white too! I look forward to completing a kitchen we are currently framing for now. White Cabinets, white Viking Range plus a complement of Stainless for the hood and ovens and wood floors. I love to mix it up. The one thing I have to admit I tire of is stainless steel sinks. They are gorgeous when new, but oye the spots and scratches. They look so forlorn and downright awful if not maintained.


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